The Bands' pages are dedicated to the groups from Hartlepool and Teesside who were operating in the 1960's. If your band is not mentioned here and you'd like to be considered, send me an email with all the details. If we don't know about you, we can't mention you!

A Blues and Roots Festival is all set to take place on the Crathorne Estate, near Yarm in North Yorkshire on Saturday June 6th. This is being acknowledged, by those in the know, as the best blues and roots line-up in the UK and this summer there are six headliners on one show. Be sure to visit the RoosterRoxxx website for more detailed information and ticket prices. There's also a special offer, for a limited time, when you buy a minimum of 10 tickets you can get a 10% discount.

I am sure many of our followers will enjoy reading about this Music Memorabilia Exhibition & Fair being held at Preston Park Museum on Monday, May 4th. For more information send an email to Nick Mawson or call him on 07941 878172.

The Searchers are all set to play at Norton Cricket Club on Saturday, July 11th. Tickets are £30 pounds and are available from the club by calling (01642) 554031 or you can send an email to Payment by cheque, cash or debit card.

How it all started: For almost fourteen years I lived on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Following a visit I made to my hometown of Hartlepool in June 2004, it was suggested to me to start a web page featuring some of the old bands, or groups, that graced the pubs and clubs of the area back in the 1960's. The idea started after Billy Crallan, George Hart and Ed Saul all joined forces to play some of the old songs to help celebrate Ron Blair's 60th birthday. Billy Crallan, Ron and I played together in The Trakkers and George, of course, was the original lead guitarist of The Hartbeats.

The photograph above shows George, Billy, me and Ron at Hartlepool Cricket Club. So, what started as an idea has now expanded into many pages - and is dedicated to the great bands of that era and the friendship we all enjoyed. Photograph © Marion Crallan.

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