The “Boys in The Bands” book by local writer Chris Scott Wilson is currently available. Amid the cacophony and soot of Teesside’s industry in the 1960s, the sweet sound of an electric guitar provided an invitation to escape humdrum everyday life, and perhaps a ticket to a brighter future. Many local teenage boys nurtured their talents in the multitude of pubs, clubs and dance halls open almost every night of the week back then. A sister book to the well-received Backstage Pass: Redcar Jazz Club, this new large format book tells the stories of over 60 local bands, complete with family trees, and is crammed with over 200 photographs and 350 memorabilia illustrations along with 300 quotes from local musicians. If you want to know what it was like in a local band in the 1960s, this book will tell you. It is available from the author’s website: Chris Scott Wilson or from Book Corner, Saltburn; Guisborough Bookshop; Sound It Out Records, Stockton; Holmans Bookshop, Whitby; Worthy Pearson, Gt Ayton, Whitby Bookshop or Holly Blue, Saltburn.

How it all started: For almost fourteen years I lived on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Following a visit I made to my hometown of Hartlepool in June 2004, it was suggested to me to start a web page featuring some of the old bands, or groups, that graced the pubs and clubs of the area back in the 1960's. The idea started after Billy Crallan, George Hart and Ed Saul all joined forces to play some of the old songs to help celebrate Ron Blair's 60th birthday. Billy Crallan, Ron and I played together in The Trakkers and George, of course, was the original lead guitarist of The Hartbeats. The photograph above shows George Hart, Billy Crallan, Stan Laundon and Ron Blair at Hartlepool Cricket Club. So, what started as an idea has now expanded into many pages and is dedicated to the great bands of that era and the friendship we all enjoyed. Photograph © Marion Crallan.

Stan Laundon, Ron Blair, Ed Saul, Billy Crallan and George Hart enjoying playing music from the 60s at Ron Blair's 60th birthday celebrations at Hartlepool Cricket Club in June 2004.

Another golden oldie photograph four golden oldies playing music from the 60s - George Hart, Stan Laundon, Billy Crallan Ron Blair.

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