The Zephyrs, all from Stockton, are - from left to right at the back - Alan Coverdale on guitar; Barrie Miller on bass guitar and vocals; Tommy Harbron on lead guitar and vocals. In the front is Dennis Coleman, drums and vocals with Rett Allen (Alan Harrison) lead vocalist.

The Zephyrs at the same venue in 1964.

The Zephyrs performing "Speedy Gonzales" at Aycliffe Workmens Club in 1964.

Having a good time!

The Zephyrs at the Club Fiesta, in Norton. Barrie Miller says "We had the great pleasure of appearing with Dusty Springfield and this photograph was displayed outside the entrance." It shows Allan Coverdale rhythm guitarist, Denny Coleman on drums, Tommy Harbron lead guitar and Barrie Miller on bass. Rett Allen had left the band and was replaced by Tony Martin, who is still on the circuit today.

The two photographs directly above were taken at the Oxford Galleries in Newcastle. The one on the right shows the band with TV presenter Tom Coyne. They are all in a happy mood as they had just won the north east final of the All England Walls Ice Cream sponsored Beat Group competition - beating the local red hot favourites band The 16 Strings from Whitley Bay.

Christmas in Whitley Bay - the lads having a good time with long standing friend George Robinson.

The Zephrons with Alan Coverdale, Barrie Miller and Tommy Harbron at the back with Dennis Coleman and Tony Martin in the front. The band were forced to change their name to The Zephrons because of broadcasting and contract problems. There was another band called The Zephyrs who were also recording at the time. Tony Martin, formerly of The Blue Caps, replaced Rett Allen in February 1965 and this photograph was once featured outside the Club Fiesta, in Norton, when the band appeared there.

The Zephrons with Alan Coverdale, Barrie Miller and Tommy Harbron at the back with Dennis Coleman and Tony Martin at the front. The same photographic session as above but in glorious colour this time.

This one is slightly out of focus but still worth including on this page. It shows the original Zephyrs, taken at Jack Marriott Photography Studio around 1961/62. The line up is, left to right on the back row, Tommy Harbron on lead guitar, Denny Coleman on drums and Barrie Miller on bass. In the front row is Alan Coverdale on rhythm with Rett Allen (Alan Harrison) lead vocalist.

The Zephrons with Barrie Miller on bass guitar, Tommy Harbron on lead, Denny Coleman on drums, Tony Martin on lead vocals Alan Coverdale on rhythm guitar.

Not the best of quality but good to see The Zephyrs in 2002.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Alan Harrison (Rett Allen) who died in July 2007, TV presenter Tom Coyne who passed away in April, 2015, Alan Coverdale who passed away on November 3rd, 2015, Tommy Harbron who passed way on May 29th, 2017, Dennis Coleman who passed away on January 14th, 2020 and sound engineer and desk man, John Wilcox, who passed away on July 25th, 2020. John was with The Zephyrs from 2001-2006. He'd previously worked with Guns & Roses & lots of other top bands. RIP all!

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