The Flames, from Eaglescliffe, with Paul Stones on vocals, Michael Underwood on drums, John Millett on lead guitar, Derek Fletcher on bass and Peter Henderson the rhythm guitarist. The band were resident group at the Harewood Club, in Catterick, on Tuesdays and Saturday and at the Black Horse, on Billingham Green, on Fridays. Other venues the band played at included the Maison de Dance and the Jubilee Hall, in Stockton.

This photograph came from the Evening Gazette in Middlesbrough in 1964 and was part if the Battle of the Bands supplement - showing Paul on vocals, Peter on rhythm guitar, Ivor Herd on drums, Ray Maclaren the lead guitarist and Derek Fletcher on bass.

On the left is Derek, Peter, John and Paul with drummer Ivor Herd and above right is Loui Johnson. He was a popular drummer on Teesside and played with many bands including The Flames.

The Flames in the 70's with Derek Fletcher on bass and vocals, Howard Blakey on drums, Ronnie Walls on rhythm guitar with Peter Henderson on lead guitar and vocals.

Business cards of the day and thanks to Peter Henderson for the use of his collection of photographs - all used with permission.

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